Dear Daughters – How to Ruin a Relationship

Dear Daughters, I’m going to tell you how to ruin a relationship because some of you seem not to know. Some of you seem to think equality will ruin a relationship between a man and a woman. This is not true – it won’t work for you. Its super easy to ruin a relationship. If […]

Dear Daughters Against Feminism – You’re right. Equality Sucks!

Dear Daughters @ I’m so glad you believe you don’t need the feminist movement – the reason you believe you don’t need the feminist movement is -because hmmm lets see – oh yes – the feminist movement. I’m glad you weren’t a young women in the 70’s when I thought I might like to […]

Letters to Sons and Daughters – How to be a slut

Dear Sons and Daughters,   I was driving down Mulgrave Road with both my teenagers in the back of the car munching on chips and drinking slushies. They were discussing the other students at the school. ‘What about Jenna,’ said my boy ‘OMG she is such a slut,’ said my daughter. ‘She’s the sluttiest slut […]

Letters to all Sons and Daughters – where to start?

Dear Sons, Fathers, Husbands – and daughters too I am very pleased that my daughters take the lives they have for granted. So they should. Women should expect nothing other than the same opportunity to do anything and everything that men do and the fact that both my daughters take this for granted as their […]