A Harvest Moon Letter

Sweet Maryanne,  Remember the roof top garden at the Victorian College of the Arts where water pours down windows like a million tears? Where the Art School once was? Remember when we drank tea out of thermoses? Chai tea, sweetened with so much honey it was thick and syrupy in our mouths.  We laid back […]

A Harvest Moon Letter –

One day I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the friends I have known – Neil Young, Harvest Moon Dear B, Sometimes the screaming in my head is so loud. I hear all the people in my life who have hated me, my parents, my ex-husband, his parents. I hear all […]

Dear Daughters and Sons – About the fine art of letters

I have made a new friend, they are always so good to come by and surprisingly difficult to find. This friend of mine is an amazing letter writer. She started it, she began by writing me the most deliciously long and funny email from the other side of the world. My first reaction was “Oh […]