With Winter Comes Darkness

IN 1975, Ballarat Alice is happy in her world and in return for her happiness the world is good to her. She has everything she needs – a lovely house, the lovelier husband and two children. She works as a journalist and though her husband Liam could be a bit more supportive, she manages to juggle her job and motherhood. All is well with her world until a terrible accident occurs, a profound betrayal is uncovered, and everything falls apart.

Ellery is a quiet man who doesn’t like visitors or disturbances. He has his routine and as long as his routine isn’t changed everything is okay. On the same day, Alice’s world collapses, Ellery has a visitor and later a man is found brutally murdered on respected teacher Ellery’s bush block.

Neither Alice nor Ellery realise that their paths in life are about to intertwine and a desperate bargain is about to be made. A bargain that could save or destroy them in their quest to draw some light and fathom the darkness that surrounds them.good book, death, betrayal, adultery, love, joy and finally hope.

Out in Bookshops 1 May 2024

The Secret World of Connie Starr

Fiction · HarperCollins

The Secret World of Connie Starr reached #1 in historical dramas on Amazon. This book is a rambling tale of four interwined families as they face the threat of oncoming war, the polio epedmic, shoes and the invasion into their small town of 3,000 over paid, over sexed Americans. There are all the things you find in a good book, death, betrayal, adultery, love, joy and finally hope.

‘Unflinching, compassionate, tender – The Secret World of Connie Starr is a novel that shimmers with light.’ Linda Funnell – Founder, Newtown Review of Books 

The Art of Preserving Love

Fiction · HarperCollins · Writing as Ada Langton

The Art of Preserving Love is no typical romance. From a small country town to the tragic backdrop of the first World War, this is a story of many types of love; love that surmounts all odds.

 The Art Of Preserving Love is by far the most inventive contribution this reader has read in quite some time – Kim Kelly, Author, Wild Chicory

After Before Time

Fiction · HarperCollins

These interwoven stories from a remote indigenous community follow its people and community over several generations. Robbi has been given permission both by the individuals who influenced each fictional story and by the Elders concerned to create and tell these stories.

Robbi Neal has captured a truthful, no holds barred and deeply sensitive range of Australian Indigenous experience. – Suzanne Marks, Sydney University Chancellors Committee, Board Member Jessie Street National Women’s Library. 

Sunday Best

Non-Fiction · HarperCollins
Winner of the Varuna HarperCollins Award

Faced with the devastating possibility of an early death, Robbi Neal decided to write this memoir for her children. With unflinching honesty and vulnerability she details her life and includes her strict religious upbringing, memories of her eccentric gran and her abusive father, her refusal to accept her god given place, running off with a heroin addict.

One of the books of the year – I devoured it in two days – The Australian Women’s Weekly