A Harvest Moon Letter

Sweet Maryanne,  Remember the roof top garden at the Victorian College of the Arts where water pours down windows like a million tears? Where the Art School once was? Remember when we drank tea out of thermoses? Chai tea, sweetened with so much honey it was thick and syrupy in our mouths.  We laid back […]

A Harvest Moon Letter

Dear D, I spent 8 years homesick for Ballarat and breathed a huge sigh of relief the day we drove back into town. Back into our new house. Back home. Back where my grandparents had walked the streets I walk on. Back where I felt safe. And I hadn’t felt safe for such a long […]

A Harvest Moon Letter –

One day I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the friends I have known – Neil Young, Harvest Moon Dear B, Sometimes the screaming in my head is so loud. I hear all the people in my life who have hated me, my parents, my ex-husband, his parents. I hear all […]

A Harvest Moon Letter –

One day I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the friends, I have known – Neil Young, Harvest Moon Dear P, When I met you, I was big and round and bloated from chemo and cancer drugs. My hair was barely growing back, my eyebrows and eyelashes weren’t growing back at […]

A Harvest Moon Letter

One day I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter to all the friends I have known – Neil Young,  Harvest Moon Dear J, There were so many wasted years where for one reason or another, some I understand and some I don’t, some that were just plain laziness or some because in our youth […]

Dear Daughters and Sons – Listen to RuPaul.

I realised in the middle of the night – which is when we realise all great or stupid things – that the one thing I regret in life more than any thing else is this – I didn’t believe in myself. I have lost opportunities. I have seen small rocks that needed kicking out of […]

Dear Daughters and Sons – The Things that Haunt Us

Many times in my life I have curled up into a ball and wanted to disappear feeling that I just can’t do it – life that is. About Half the Time: If I could talk to my younger self in these moments I would like to shake myself and say – Listen Younger-self – half […]

Dear Everyone – The right kind of Slackness

When I had cancer people said the most outrageous things to me. Theses included such wisdom as ‘Oh its Karma‘ and ‘I know exactly what you’re going through because my 94 year old father has cancer‘ and ‘Good things will come out of this‘. Worse and less was said to me. And because none of […]

An Embarrassing Confession

Dear Daughters and Sons, I have a confession to make. If I think about my life I can straight off think of many books that have changed the way I think or the journey I am on. Lady Chatterley’s Lover showed me that I didn’t have to stay in a marriage with no tenderness. Langdon […]

Dear Daughters and Sons – why I am an Atheist who believes in Church

My Sunday mornings are sacred. This combined with the boringness of singing hymns, listening to sermons, a lack of concrete belief in God and the churches archaic attitude to women and gays is why I no longer go to church. But mostly because my Sunday mornings are a sacred family time, spent in discussion over […]