Dear Daughters and Sons – how to not become a hermit in a knitted beanie.

Dear Daughters and Sons, All my life I have been ’emotionally fluid’ you know – like waves, large ones that roll and crash about without direction. Its gotten worse as I’ve gotten older which is a bummer because I expected to grow wise and become able to control my emotions. Not just grow older. I […]

Dear Daughters – finding a perfect man – Dear Sons – why you can never be one

Yesterday my husband Pete forgot about my strict baptist upbringing and thought he would try a little role playing with me. He walked into the kitchen, swaggering in a singlet and shorts and said, ‘G’day Lovvie, I’m Big Bob from Big Bobs massage palour for professional women.’ He didn’t get the response he wanted, I […]

Dear Daughters – How to find a Guy your Mum will Like

Dear Daughters, Each morning before school I take my 17 year old to breakfast, to a funky little café opposite her school, called the Flying Monkey. Over toasties and tea, if I’m lucky, she forgets I’m her mother and I get to find out what is really going on in her life as opposed to […]

Dear Daughters and Sons – how to be happy for 50 years

Dear Daughters and Sons, So we all look at those elderly couples that walk hand in hand down the street, completely comfortable in each others company, he in his hat men haven’t worn since the thirties, she in her floral frock and we turn and look at our partner and say, ‘I want that to […]

Dear Daughters – About Grains of Truth

Dear Daughter’s, And so here is a Singlet that is for sale in Ice Design, Earlville, Cairns. Do I really need to say anything? It kinda speaks for itself. I did say something to my daughter. I said, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ Thankfully she said, ‘As.  If!’ Who is the idiot who thinks this […]

Letters to Sons and Daughters – How to be a slut

Dear Sons and Daughters,   I was driving down Mulgrave Road with both my teenagers in the back of the car munching on chips and drinking slushies. They were discussing the other students at the school. ‘What about Jenna,’ said my boy ‘OMG she is such a slut,’ said my daughter. ‘She’s the sluttiest slut […]

Letters to Daughters and Sons – True Lies

Dear Daughters and Sons, True Lies: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me – Ahh Bulls..t. Use sticks and stones to break me any day over Crushing, Heart Breaking, Words. Once a cheater always a cheater – Not true! My ex-husband cheated on me and I on him (with […]

Letters to Daughters and Sons – Baggage only lasts 5 years

Dear Daughters and Sons who carry Bags, Some of us carry baggage through our lives and some of us have massive moving trucks crammed full of tea chests. It’s amazing what we think we can’t throw out and what we absolutely must hold on to for dear life. Five years ago we packed up our home to move […]

Letters To My Daughters – Things I didn’t do

Dear Daughters and Sons, So I mentioned today –  whilst out Christmas shopping with my daughter – to the nice young 30 something shop assistant – that I thought being in your thirties was the best time for a woman. You are young and beautiful and full of energy but by your thirties you have […]